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Trinity Isle Productions offers choreography services for music videos, stage performances, & more. Examples below...

"It's Been A While" 

LIVE @ Vybez Showcase ATL 2017

"3rd Times The Charm" LIVE @ MAD EXPRESSIONS 20 2015

Watch as Rahjiv pays homage to the supernatural television show, "Charmed" in this 90's inspired showcase of Mad Expressions!

"Dance-A-Holics Anonymous" LIVE @ MAD EXPRESSIONS 18 2015

Rahjiv's second time hitting the Mad Ex stage!

"To Love & Die" Concept Dance Video

Check out Rahjiv's very first concept video, "To Love & Die"! This was choreographed for Valentine's Day to Jhene Aiko's "To Love & Die" from her 2014 debut album, Souled Out.

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